Services at ACG Therapy and Autism Center

In-Clinic Therapy Programs:

For over 15 years, ACG Therapy Center has worked to provide high quality speech and occupational therapy services in Gainesville, FL. Our therapists and staff are dedicated to helping children through one-on-one care and patient support. At the core of our programs is a desire to help all clients successfully communicate and participate in daily life activities. We strive to create a fun, warm, welcoming, and supportive environment for patients and their families.

We are proud to offer the following services:

Occupational Therapy:

Through occupational therapy children develop the skills necessary to gain independence and execute activities appropriate for their age. Occupational therapists work with children to develop neurological, visual and sensory motor skills, and to assist them in their day-to-day functions. This is done through carefully designed methodologies and activities that resemble “playing” and are easy for the child to engage in.

Conditions that can benefit from Occupational Therapy include:

  • Developmental delays
  • Low birth weight / Premature birth
  • Autism
  • Down Syndrome
  • Neurological and neuromuscular disorders
  • ADHD

In addition, if any of these statements are true, your child could benefit from OT:

  • Unable to concentrate
  • Poor handwriting or hand dexterity
  • Difficulty in sitting, walking, crawling, playing, dressing, and eating
  • Poor play skills, limited tolerance for frustration


Speech language therapy focuses on language and oral motor development. It is critical to evaluate and identify as soon as possible infants and toddlers whose development is compromised and require early intervention.

If any of these are true, your child could benefit from Speech Therapy:

  • By age 2 is not talking at all
  • After age 3, speech is difficult to understand
  • At 7 years old and older, consistently says any speech sound incorrectly
  • Reading/Writing is below grade/level expectation
  • Has difficulties listening and following directions, understanding humor, or holding their own in a conversation

Children who experience auditory process disorders will often require speech therapy. Some possible signs:

  • Misunderstands what is said in class
  • Has trouble with reading, spelling, or phonics
  • Has difficulty keeping up with conversations in a group
  • Finds it difficult to understand more abstract language, idioms

Our Master’s level speech language pathologists are trained in the most effective evidence-based approaches and methodologies. These include Reading and Spelling Systems, Earobics, Language Therapy, PROMPT, SOS Feeding System, Floortime, and evidence based methodologies for Stuttering and Voice.