ACG Tele-Health

Online speech therapy sessions are similar to face-to-face sessions. Research has shown that teletherapy is just as effective as traditional therapy for many treatments including autism spectrum disorders, stuttering and voice therapy. ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) accredited and licensed speech language therapists offer top-quality teletherapy sessions via high resolution, live videoconferencing using an extensive array of games and tools available online.

Children’s engagement is equal or better than face-to-face, as they are not only comfortable with computers, but love game-based activities, video interactions, and digital learning. Increased engagement means faster progress.

Why choose ACG Tele-Health?

  • We work an integrated approach, with sharing of lessons and best practices amongst therapists, and full integration of caregivers.

  • We are not a virtual company, we have a physical facility that has been serving the Gainesville community with top notch therapists. We also serve special needs schools.

ASHA speaks on teletherapy

10 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is teletherapy just as good as traditional therapy?

    Published studies have proven that teletherapy is just as effective as in-person therapy for treating language disorders and speech-sound disorders.

  • How do you do a speech therapy session online?

    The same activities that are done in person are completed online through using digital books, digital flashcards and interactive therapy games.

  • Do I need special equipment?

    You need a computer or laptop with a camera, microphone, and speakers. Most computers have a built-in camera, speakers and a microphone. The setup for teletherapy sessions is simple and takes just a few seconds after the initial setup process.

  • Is my child the right age for teletherapy?

    Children age 4 and up are great candidates for teletherapy. The younger they are, the more hands-on assistance they will need during each session. Older children can use a computer independently with minimal assistance. In my experience, the ideal age group is 5 and up because at this point, kids have better attention and a better understanding of online speech therapy tasks.

  • How will I be involved in the therapy process?

    You can sit beside your child and be part of our therapy session. You can also watch from a distance if that works better for your family. At your request, snippets of the therapy session can be recorded and emailed for later viewing.

  • Is using a computer going to be a distraction?

    Using a computer is motivating and engaging. Children are often able to pay attention during therapy tasks for longer periods of time than during in-person sessions.

  • Will my child be exposed to too much “screen time?”

    No, during the therapy session your child is engaged in meaningful interactions with his or her therapist.

  • How long are the teletherapy sessions?

    Just like in-person therapy, the frequency, and duration vary on a case-by-case basis. Typically, sessions occur twice a week for 30 minutes.

  • Are the sessions being recorded?

    Sessions are occasionally recorded but only with written consent. These recordings are securely stored and provided to the family for education purposes and continuity of care.

  • Are the sessions private and confidential?

    Client information is confidential and kept private as mandated by law

It took a session or 2 to get used to the process as I have no previous experience with telehealth, however it was and has been very easy to use during this time. I, personally, don’t see an advantage of teletherapy over in person therapy for my son as he is very social “people person”. However, teletherapy is better than no therapy! He has adapted much better than I could’ve expected or hoped. He loves Mrs. Carla and Ms. Tay, so he gets very excited when he sees their face on the computer.

B. L., ACG mom, on her and her child’s experience in teletherapy.